The vision that we have for our products is to extend our reach to include heritage products from all over India. Our natural cookware range is made of 100% natural clay, stoneware and cast iron and is seasoned carefully in the traditional way. This is the foundation of the completely natural and organic products that we want to include. Our goal is to re-discover the healthy lifestyle of our ancestors in the past and to bring that back in our metropolitan lives.

The Village Fair Seasoning Team
The Village Fair Seasoning Team

The VillageFair doesn’t only look to bring people traditional products, it also passionately wants to bring back the time when dignified living was everyone’s right. Every product you buy is an opportunity for an economically backward woman to make a living, even as she cares for her family. Every product you welcome into your kitchen contributes to the rehabilitation of a mentally challenged person. Every product you love brings a smile on our faces and joy to all those who are working towards this cause.

This is our vision and we invite you to be part of its transformation to reality!

Causes we support in our journey:

5% of all sales proceeds on our products goes to Mehac foundation.


Mehac Foundation seeks to provide comprehensive psychosocial care to the needy, particularly to such sections of society who do not have access to health resources in general and particularly to monetary resources. Mehac model involves empowering local communities to impart free mental health services to fellow human beings under the guidance and supervision of trained medical professionals.