Mor kutaan in TVF stoneware
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Slow cooked meat, fresh veggies cooked to perfection, sambar balanced perfectly, refreshing mor kutaan – food bursting with natural flavours – this is what stoneware makes possible.

Stoneware has been around for ages, and for good reason! Now that The VillageFair is bringing back these stoneware beauties and making them available in urban homes, we thought it would be a good idea to acquaint all of you with a bit about this kitchen implement that has stood the test of time.

Few facts about stoneware

The earliest examples of stoneware have been dated to 1900 BC in the Indus Valley Civilization. They have been in use since those early times and have been passed on from generation to generation. Though modern day cookware has slowly edged out these timeless pieces, beloved artisans have been hard at work trying to revive this dying art form. And their efforts have paid off!

Stoneware was also a part of households in ancient Egypt. The Step Pyramid, which is believed to be the oldest stone pyramid in Egypt, housed stone ware that was made by artisans with exceptional skill. Some of these stoneware have inscriptions of the symbols of the earliest kings of Egypt. A rich and royal heritage, wouldn’t you say.

We – today’s generation – are finally seeing the irrefutable wisdom of those of old. As we become more aware of the harm caused by PFCs in non-stick cookware and the flux of toxins affecting everything we eat, we are now going back to our roots. We are going back to the wisdom of our grandmothers. We are making a recommitment to health.

Secret Revealed

The secret behind the unbeatable taste of food cooked on stone, is that it is 100% natural. Being chemically inert, they do not alter the taste of food cooked in it. So what you get is wholesome, chemical-free food packed with all the flavours that nature has bestowed.

The heat retention properties of stoneware are legendary as well. Stoneware retains heat long after they are taken off the fire, keeping your food warm and fresh till you are ready to eat. The stoneware heats evenly, which makes it perfect for baking!

Now that we have told you about the virtues of stoneware, I know you are raring to buy it, so you can order it from here:

And stay tuned, we are going to be posting yummy recipes (the mutton rogan josh in the picture being one of them!!). We are also going to be talking about how you can take care of your precious stoneware and a lot more!

*featured image of mor kutaan cooked in TVF stoneware contributed by Divya, our valued customer.

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