It began with a Facebook post in which a doctor in the United States recommended using a fish cast in iron while cooking; the iron dropped in the vessel while cooking would infuse important iron supplements in the food was his claim. Why drop something in when a traditional cast iron vessel would do the trick and do it much better, thought Radhika. And so she posted a picture of her Cast iron Kadai (wok) on FB and that was what started a stream of inquiries; everyone wanted to know where you could get it! This is what started the journey of The VillageFair.

There’s no saying “No” to grandma’s cooking and we can all testify to that. The wafting aromas of frying spices, the tantalizing taste of slow cooked stews, grandma’s face crinkling with joy as she watches her little ones relish food that she knows is natural, healthy, and tasty. This is the experience that The Village Fair desired to re-create when we brought out the natural cookware range.

What started off as a two-woman show quickly grew as we brought in experienced women who knew the magic behind the perfectly moulded and seasoned traditional vessels of old. As we grew, they grew with us. We now support both men and women from lower economic backgrounds, who might not have had the opportunity of earning a dignified livelihood from within their community, but who possess a world of knowledge and skill when it comes to re-creating that lost world that our grandmothers would have wanted us to live in.

With the support of our enthusiastic customers and these wonderful women and men, we look forward to expanding in our product range and reach; we look forward to spreading the cheer of healthy and natural living to all corners of the world.


Radhika Manghat Menon


A dreamer, ex- corporate slave, book worm and traveler, holds a certificate that says she can Coach leaders and is passionate about Learning. Loves stories and would not miss a chance to listen to a good one any time anywhere….. Foreseeing the huge potential in an idea that started through a simple FB post, she got together with Priya Deepak to begin what is now a fast emerging natural cookware range. With more than 20 years of experience in the corporate scene with blue chip companies,  Radhika has seen quite a bit of the world to know that little things can make a big difference. The Village Fair is her vision of bringing together these little things – a brilliant range of products, a cause that is dear to her heart and an opportunity to bring back a piece of the good old days of simplicity and wellness.. a healthier way of life.


Priya Deepak


The doer. An Executive Coach, Consultant, Process and Quality expert, and a bundle of cheer and energy. Pushes the cart and makes sure our customers get exactly what they want!  Together with Radhika Menon, she forms the foundation of what is poised to become the best thing that happened in healthy living. Having served in senior leadership positions in Philips, Arbitron and Nielsen, she brings her resourcefulness and business acumen to serve a great cause through The VillageFair. Bringing back the health and beauty of days past through the products of The VillageFair is a cause very dear to her heart and she works tirelessly for it. Along with Radhika, she has envisioned a future for The Village Fair that aims to brings back all that is good and wholesome, while providing opportunities for men and women to make a dignified living through their work for the The VillageFair.